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  The preface

  This site is published by Sun Yat-Sen and the sky building materials limited (hereinafter referred to as "Alexander Gray, Homestead") and its authorized agent is running, all rights in connection with this website are vested in GRA, homestead.

  Before using this site, please read this statement, when you use of this site (including but not limited to access this site, login, and the content of this website browse and use) will be treated as your voluntary commitment to and accept this statement of constraints. If you can not agree on the contents of the statement, you should stop using this website.

  1. Exemption matters

  GRA and its agents will endeavor to safeguard the security and functionality of this site, but does not guarantee to meet all the requirements of the user, and does not guarantee that all of the features on this site is always normal operation, does not guarantee this website for your computer operating system or hardware does not guarantee the site or the server will never have problems, not passive spread of viruses, Trojans and other harmful programs. In addition, all the content (including information provided by a third person) is only the consumers' reference on this site provided, GRA not be liable for any accuracy, timeliness and integrity assurance and commitment. GRA not be liable for all losses caused by the use of the information posted on this website.

  2. Intellectual property rights

  All content on this website, including but not limited to, text, software, images, sounds, animations, graphics, charts, graphic design, photographs, graphics, names, logos, trademarks, service marks, are protected by the law.

  All contents of this website and the information and intellectual property rights are vested in the GRA, Homestead, or GRA, Homestead license and use of the relevant right holders.
Without GRA, Homestead and the related rights holders permission, prohibition of any content on this website to download, copy, distribute in any way, tampering, or any other similar to the above method against GRA, Homestead Act of intellectual property.

  3. Product information

  The products displayed on this Web site, its appearance and function is subject to the physical specification of goods and official sales, product information provided by the Web page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any assurances and guarantees for related products.

  4. Web page links

  Any set of links on this Web site should be prior consent in GRA, homestead.But regardless of whether or not consent in GRA, Homestead, such links do not indicate that GRA, homestead on the approval and monitoring of the content of its Web site.GRA, Homestead and linked the legality, accuracy, reliability of the content of other Web sites and content using the consequences and he makes no guarantees, commitments and related issues of compensation and any other liability and terms of conditions of use for this website, personal information protection and procedures do not apply to such linked sites.

  5. Web site maintenance

  GRA without notice, be entitled at any time to update the contents of this website, as well as technical and maintenance.

  You agree that by GRA official website at any time and change may prevent you from landing there.
But this does not indicate that GRA must have the obligation to update this site.

  6. Copyright complaints

  GRA, Homestead respects others ' intellectual property rights.
If you think that your writing is in some way on this website without your permission, please contact GRA, Homestead immediately.

  7. Site interpretation

  Content of this Web site and modify the rights, the right of final interpretation of this statement is GRA, Homestead all.

  8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

  The content of this website and interpretation and application of this statement need to apply Chinese law, all disputes arising due to use of this site, except as otherwise agreed, by People's Republic of China (GRA, Homestead is located) jurisdiction of the Court.

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