How to choose - bath

  Material: tub made of acrylic, steel, cast iron three.Cast iron cylinder is heavy, durable, long service life, but the construction difficult, expensive. Steel bathtub, with strong, wear-resistant, high smoothness, glazed smooth, bright advantages; the price is relatively low cast iron cylinder.In terms of technology and environment will be the mainstream of acrylic bathtub. Acrylic cylinder is 3-5mm acrylic plate vacuum film forming, back made of multilayer glass fiber reinforcement, modeling and diverse specifications, bright color, moderate price, it is characterized by a smooth surface of insulation material, easy cleaning.Drain valve: it is also equipped with the. This part is easy to be ignored and most vulnerable to problems. Buy Bath must be to a drain valve on the spot test, several times, to check whether the switch is sensitive and reliable, the material is preferably copper or PVC material.A non-slip surface: the bottom of bathtub should have a non-slip surface, ensure your safety.Style: design considerations refers to whether the purchase and other sanitary equipment.